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Don't Let Termites Destroy Your Property

If your L.A. County property hasn’t been treated for termites recently, it’s critical that you get an inspection performed as soon as possible. Termites are social creatures that like to live in colonies that can grow to enormous numbers. And in Southern California, we deal with a large amount of dampwood and drywood termites that could be operating right under your nose.

Dampwood termites like to form tunnels underground and work their way into your home or commercial property anywhere that there’s wood to soil contact. From there, they can munch 24/7/365 for several years without showing any outward signs of their presence. By the time they’re discovered, they’ve usually done a significant amount of damage.

Drywood termites are just as problematic. But instead of tunneling underground, they swarm and fly directly into your attic and any other area that’s vulnerable to an infestation. From there, they can operate undetected for years – inflicting damage to your property the entire time. To add insult to injury, damage from termites is not covered by most insurance plans so you’re going to be on the hook for the repairs.

Needless to say, getting a termite inspection and ensuring that your treatments are up to date can save you a lot of money, headaches, and time. At First Western Pest Control, we can inspect your entire property for signs of termites, potential problem areas, and help you keep your home or building safe from these unwanted pests.

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Signs Your Home Is Under Attack

In many cases, termite activity is not straightforward to spot. They could dwell silently in the walls and structures of your home without you realizing it. If the following are true for you, your property might be infested:

  • Your drywall is discolored and saggy

  • Your walls are peeling, resembling water damage signs

  • Wooden structures sound hollow when knocked on

soldier termites up close

Eliminate Termites With First Western Pest Control

Whether you have termites, need an inspection, or haven’t had a termite treatment for a while, First Western Pest Control is here to help! Our expert Los Angeles County termite control specialists will perform a thorough inspection to identify any termite colonies, potential attractants, and find them if they’ve entered your property. Then we’ll create a customized treatment plan that’s guaranteed to eliminate the termites quickly and protect your home for years to come. Give us a call today for a free quote and we can handle the rest. 

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