Los Angeles County Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections in L.A. County

Home purchases are always exciting. But there is something all home buyers have to consider before paying for their dream property. It is a necessity that will bring a certain feeling of peace of mind and satisfaction, it is called a termite inspection. Prior to buying the home of your dreams, a termite inspection should be carried out. First Western Pest Control Inc has been doing reliable and certified termite inspections in the Los Angeles County area since 1977.

It is essential for all current and future homeowners to realize the need for an inspection. This is the process of checking each and every nook and corner of your house and property for the presence of termites. These silent destroyers can do a lot of damage. They are capable of eating your drywall, firewood, even carpeting and furniture. Even the frames of your windows and doors are not protected when they are around.

Our specialists inspect everywhere on the property for indications of termite presence. Please keep in mind that a property with a termite infestation looks no different from a property without, but that doesn’t mean these little creatures are not eating away the wood structure of a house. So, be very aware and plan an inspection if you suspect anything unusual. Our dependable termite inspections will give you a glimpse of what’s going on in and around your home.

The most common types of termites we find in Los Angeles County are the drywood termite and the dampwood termite. Drywood termites prefer to live in dry wood, hence the name. Dampwood termites require more moisture to survive and they prefer tunneling underground and into wet or damp wood.

At First Western Pest Control, we’re experts at finding termites – even when there are no obvious outward signs – and exterminating them to ensure your property is fully protected.

It’s our number one priority to find the evidence for termite activity and exterminate them before it’s too late. 

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